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Architectural Signage


Whether you are an environmental graphic or interior designer looking for a sign vendor to bring your design to life, a small business wanting to elevate your office, or a general contractor with a looming inspection, Green Dot Sign can help.

Our creative signs artisans will partner with you to create signs that meet your practical signage needs and elevate your brand identity. The custom sign possibilities are endless, and our beautiful signs are always sustainable and durable.


Architectural signage is a broad term for custom, top-quality signs for buildings and other man-made structures.

As opposed to cheap, mass-produced commercial signs, architectural signage is made to meet specific needs and lasts longer.

Architectural signs are:

  • Made of durable, quality materials with high attention to detail
  • Communicate wayfinding and other messages accurately and clearly
  • Coordinate with and compliment overall building design
  • Incorporate an organization’s branding


Yes, high-quality, ADA compliant signs are a type of architectural sign.  Alternately, mass-produced plastic ADA signs fall under the category of commercial signage.

“ADA signage” refers to signs marking building rooms, spaces or features as required by U.S. federal law.  In 1990 the Department of Justice published the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) in order to prohibit discrimination against those with disabilities. ADA sign requirements enforced today were released as part of the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design (SAD).

In 2022 federal ADA sign requirements apply to everything from restroom signs to accessible elevator signs and conference room signage. Because legal regulations can be confusing, Green Dot Sign has compiled easy to understand ADA sign Requirements FAQs.


Depending upon how they are designed and manufactured, these exterior signs can be architectural signage:

  • ADA signs, most commonly for outdoor restrooms or directing to a handicapped accessible entrance
  • Wayfinding and directional signage systems
  • Metal plaques identifying or providing information about a landmark or space
  • Company branding signage


Depending upon how they are designed and manufactured, these interior signs can be architectural signage:

  • ADA signs, including restroom, exit, elevator, and area of refuge signs
  • Room and door number and name signs
  • Directional and wayfinding signage systems
  • Building directories
  • Donor recognition/donor walls
  • Business logos and branding signage
  • Dimensional letters


Signage can enhance the experience of the clients, staff and other visitors that spend time in your building or space.

While it often makes sense for small businesses and those that need to update just a few signs to order commercial signage, for most custom architectural signage is worth the design time and financial investment.

Architectural signage elevates your space to:

  • Identify your place of business
  • Attract increased attention
  • Make a positive first impression
  • Create a lasting, attractive appearance
  • Improve access and navigation
  • Increase customer traffic and sales


Green Dot Sign works with a wide variety of clients across different industries. Our nationwide portfolio continues to grow and diversify with each new and returning client we partner with.


Most of our signs are custom-built at our Saint Paul, Minnesota manufacturing facility. And if we can’t build it ourselves, our project managers will work with our trusted network of sign manufacturers to meet your needs.




Vertical signage examples and tips coming soon….

ASSESS compliance > DESIGN thoughtfully > MANUFACTURE sustainably > INSTALL skillfully

Green Dot Sign® is based in Saint Paul, Minnesota and partners with brands, AECO project teams and sign companies across the U.S.  Signage experts since 2009 and eco-friendly sign specialists since 2019, we offer standard ADA wayfinding signs for fast delivery and custom interior and exterior signage to provide a sustainable signage solution for every building.

From ADA signage needs evaluation to sign design, fabrication, project management or installation Green Dot Sign® handles any part or all of the signage needs for your next building project.  Message us today for a no obligation sign consultation or fast quote and free samples.

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