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Material ConneXion Endorses Innovative ADA & Wayfinding Signage Company

PRESS RELEASE: Green Dot Sign® innovative ADA signs material was accepted by the jury of Material ConneXion, the leading materials-driven design resource. Order samples and standard and custom signs at

Material ConneXion Endorses Green Dot Sign

walnut wood ADA braille sign

Green Dot Sign® founder Simon Nussbaum’s patent-pending, sustainable, environmentally friendly and innovative ADA signs material was recently accepted into the Material ConneXion Library, the leading resource for the top material samples in the construction and design industries. Materials admitted to the Material ConneXion Library are those judged to be unique, sustainable, and innovative. Green Dot Sign® is proud to be the first signage company to achieve this honor. 

Nussbaum first considered environmentally friendly manufacturing methods and products during his previous job as a sign manufacturer. Upon seeing a braille sign with a printed wood background, Nussbaum questioned an industry trend in room signs to use printed faux wood or real wood veneer behind plastic. If people are already paying for signs to look like wood, Nussbaum wondered, “Why not get rid of the plastic?” 

Turns out, the industry tradition of using plastic for signage purposes is becoming obsolete. Today’s conscious consumers are looking for environmentally-friendly, aesthetic, and innovative ADA signs. They will not settle for plastic and other harmful materials. Material ConneXion and other industry experts know that wood, metal, recycled plastics, glass, and other sustainable materials are here to stay. 

For Nussbaum, this revelation sparked the idea to create signage from a wood base and non-toxic 3D printed material for lettering, braille, and pictograms. “I decided to reduce plastic use, consolidate production steps, and highlight the beauty of real wood grain to make some darn beautiful signs,” he explained. Thus, the innovative ADA signs from Green Dot Sign® came to be.

Material ConneXion curates the world’s largest subscription-based materials library, featuring 10K+ innovative materials and processes across all disciplines of design. Materials are selected through a strict review process and new materials are juried into the Material Library each month. With a Materials ConneXion membership, subscribers gain access to news, samples, statistics, and expert guidance about the most innovative design and construction materials on the market.

Green Dot Sign® launched in 2019 with a patent-pending sign manufacturing technique. Their signs are about 99% biodegradable by weight and every product reduces plastic consumption by 250 grams versus a traditional ADA sign. All Green Dot Sign® innovative ADA signs can contribute to the U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) credits. Additionally, Green Dot Sign® offers and fully custom and quick ship ADA office signs

As recognized by Material Connexion, Green Dot Sign® breakthrough innovation offers a fresh alternative to commercial real estate and other public building managers and fills a void for green building contractors.

By offering easy online ordering of unique, eco-friendly and innovative ADA office signs, Green Dot Sign® is gaining traction in the signage industry and hopes to push the signage, design and construction industries to be more sustainable.