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Retails or commercial signs for restaurants and stores are used to inform customers and staff.  If you’re looking for unique, sustainable signs that are different from the standard variety, we can make what you need.

Green Dot Sign works directly with restaurant and store facilities managers and designers contributing to retail and commercial renovation and new construction projects. Most of our signs are custom-built at our Saint Paul, Minnesota manufacturing facility. And if we can’t build it ourselves, our project managers will work with our trusted network of sign manufacturers to meet your needs.



Green Dot Sign works directly with retail and commercial building operations or facilities managers and designers contributing to renovation and new construction projects.

  • Customization – The design possibilities are endless. Almost all our signs are custom made to enhance the look, feel and branding of our clients’ spaces.


  • Environmental Graphics – In addition to standard signs, we make one of a kind signage that serves as décor.  Whether you want a piece with artwork, quotations or a geometric pattern, we can help make your restaurant or store truly memorable.



  • Sustainability – Most ADA church signs are made of fossil-fuel derived plastics that pollute from start to finish.  We specialize in high-quality sustainable signage that is beautiful and durable. We use natural materials and non-toxic inks, and work with the leading third party certification organization to verify that our signs are better for our planet.


Our nationwide portfolio continues to grow and diversify with each new and returning client we partner with.

Retail Signs & Commercial Signs“I like that our new signs are classy, clean, and easy to read.  Working with Green Dot Sign was great.  They were incredibly attentive from a customer service perspective, and followed-up throughout the project while understanding that signage was only one of the things I was working on.”  – Iron Ranger





When you’re ready to design your custom retail signs and commercial signs, go to our Interior Sign Design Guide.  It covers everything you need to know from selecting wood species to designing flat and raised content and sign size, shape and edge.

Custom Interior Wood ADA Signs