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Green Dot signs are designed and made in Minnesota with U.S. produced inputs. Skilled craftspeople individually produce sign blanks. Our production experts then use our patent-pending manufacturing technique to 3D print non-toxic lettering, braille, and pictograms directly to sign blanks. A plant based oil blend is applied to bring out beautiful, natural wood grain and protect to the sign.

This low-waste process creates unique, beautiful, eco-friendly signage. You have to see it to believe it!

Real Wood Sign Base

Green Dot signs are made of a wood base and non-toxic additive manufacturing material for the lettering, braille, and pictograms. We use real wood because it is strong, renewable, biodegradable, and stores carbon. Our standard products are made of aspen from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (the UP). UP aspen has a white tone, facilitating visual contrast with a wide range of colors.

How To Select a Sign Color

While choosing from our 13 ADA sign content colors can feel overwhelming, know that all of our color options sufficiently contrast with our standard aspen sign base.  This means that all signs meet 2010 Standard for Accessible Design requirements, and there is not a wrong selection.

The vast majority of Green Dot Sign customers select black or dark gray for sign content.  Both of these colors look modern and very sharp.  They also go with a wide variety of other interior design selections and enable flexibility should the color of your carpet or walls change in the future.

We also offer several bold sign content colors, because we think they are fun and look great.  It is hard to exactly match a color in a painting or other design element.  Additionally, colors look different at different times of day based on natural and artificial lighting.  Therefore, we suggest selecting an ADA-compliant sign color that complements other colors in your interior design palette.

If you or your client is determined to exactly match a color, Green Dot Sign can make custom signage.  Fill out the Form on our Custom Signs page to start this process.


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