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Exterior ADA All Gender Restroom Sign – Modified ISA


Turnaround  2 days – 5 weeks to ship

Shipping  Free U.S. ground shipping

Dimensions  9″ tall x 6″ wide x .25″ deep

Weight 16 ounces


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Total Price: $ 189


Use an exterior metal Accessible All Gender or Unisex Restroom sign to identify facilities outdoors.

This exterior restroom sign contains the modified or active International Symbol of Accessibility (ISA or person in a wheelchair pictogram). In New York and Connecticut, the modified ISA is required. Additionally, in many other U.S. jurisdictions the modified ISA is acceptable. While many prefer the feel of the modified ISA, we recommend confirming ISA requirements with your local building inspector before ordering accessibility signs.

See more outdoor ADA sign options and learn about Exterior ADA sign requirements and when to use the traditional ISA versus the modified ISA on our Outdoor Restroom signs category page.

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Eco-friendly sign materials

  • 5052 aluminum tested per ASTM-B209 standards
  • CNC machined raised features
  • Background color has slight sand texture
  • Automotive grade exterior paint
  • Paint adhesion tested per ASTM-B117-95 & J2527 per SAE J1960

ADA compliant signage  

An exterior ADA restroom sign in a U.S. public building is regulated by the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA prohibits discrimination against those with disabilities.

Federally regulated signage provides the 7.5 million Americans that are legally blind or visually impaired equal access to public spaces across the U.S. ADA sign requirements enforced today were released as part of the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design (SAD). Detailed federal signage requirements direct the content and location of identification, directional and informational signs.

From grade 2 braille and compliant fonts, to proper spacing and contrast, our signs meet federal signage requirements. For easy to understand regulations information, please review our ADA Sign Requirement FAQs.




Volume discount 

A price discount is automatically applied in your shopping cart based on total quantity of signs ordered. Quick ship standard signs do not need to be the same for the volume discount to apply.

  • Order 2 signs and receive a 5% discount
  • Order 3 to 9 signs and receive a 7.5% discount
  • Order 10 to 19 signs and receive a 10% discount
  • Order 20 to 24 signs and receive a 15% discount
  • Order 25 or more signs and receive a 20% discount

Free shipping 

Pricing includes standard UPS ground shipping for the lower 48 U.S. states and USPS shipping for Alaska and Hawaii.

Returns accepted

We work hard to make every order impeccable, but if your sign is not quite right, we’ll provide a remake or refund right away.

Industry best warranty 

Our exterior ADA metal signs come with a lifetime warranty.  Click the icon above for warranty details.




ADA sign mounting

An Accessible Restroom sign in a U.S. public building is a regulated ADA sign. To ensure height and location mounting guidelines are met share our ADA Sign Installation Tips with your team.

Installation steps

Due to temperature fluctuations and moisture intrusion, exterior signage should never rely on adhesives. Instead follow these five easy steps.

  1. Tape the provided sign installation template to wall in a location that meets ADA signage requirements
  2. Drill through the template at the four stud points
  3. Apply a small circle of silicone on the sign back
  4. Hand tighten the four provided studs into the pre-drilled sign holes
  5. Press your sign into the wall for 30 seconds

How to install an exterior ada sign tapped hole and stud for exterior ada sign







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