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Architectural ADA Signage Specifications

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Declare ID: GDS-0001 Label

Declare ID: GDS-0001 Product Data Sheet

Wooden Acrhitectural Signage Product Data Sheet

Exterior ADA Sign and Metal Plaque Product Data Sheet

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3 Part Specification

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3-Part Specs, including ADA Signage Specifications

Product Data Sheets

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Overview: Wooden Architectural Signage


Click to download a general MasterFormat 10 14 00 3-Part Specification for signage, with a focus on wood based architectural signs ranging from dimensional letters to ADA signage.


Product Data Sheets

Division 10 information specialties, especially signage, is often highly customized to each application and building.  As a result, each of the data sheets below are applicable to the following MasterFormat specialties.   Please note all data sheets are applicable to ADA sign specifications.

  • MasterFormat 10 13 00 Directories
  • MasterFormat 10 14 15 Interior Signage
  • MasterFormat 10 14 16 Plaques
  • MasterFormat 10 14 19 Dimensional Letters
  • MasterFormat 10 14 23 Panel Signage
  • MasterFormat 10 14 23.13  Engraved Panel Signage
  • MasterFormat 10 14 67 Tactile Signage

Declare ID: GDS-0001 Product Data Sheet

Wooden Acrhitectural Signage Product Data Sheet

Exterior ADA Sign and Metal Plaque Product Data Sheet


Our parametric Revit family downloads include text, tactile braille and pictogram ADA sign content on FSC aspen, FSC birch plywood and exterior grade metal sign bases. Each Revit family includes information for three sign base material options.

Click the links below to download .rfa BIMs for your ADA signage specifications.



Green Dot Sign® General Signage

Green Dot Sign® ADA Signs

Green Dot Sign® ADA Pictogram Signs



Green Dot Sign® Aspen

Green Dot Sign® Birch Plywood

Green Dot Sign® Aluminum

Green Dot Sign® Bronze


Overview: Wooden Architectural Signage

Prior to the mid 1900’s, signage was made with materials such as wood, metal and stone.  With the advent of inexpensive plastic sheet goods due to wildly increased fossil fuel production, this all changed from the 1950’s onward.  Now, you’d be hard pressed to find a modern business sign that doesn’t use plastic.

However, new production and software technology for CNC routing, laser etching and 3D printing, as well as the increased cost of plastics and fossil fuel have changed this equation.

In fact, Green Dot Sign® developed patent pending 3D printing technology for ADA sign applications since this is the most difficult aspect of sustainable architectural signage.  Combining this new option with our wood manufacturing and commercial sign expertise means beautiful, world class sustainable signage is now an option for all buildings and brands.

Overview: Manufacturing Methods

Almost all Green Dot Signs use wood or metal as the primary material for the following manufacturing methods.  Combine them offer an amazing variety of signage in bright colors, natural textures and everything in between.  Brief descriptions are included to assist with your efforts.

CNC routing and cutting: Reductive manufacturing method that cuts letters, logos and design elements.  Uses a spinning bit, so inner corners will have a radius.

Laser etching and cutting: Burns images, logos and letters into a wood surface.  High resolution, so can be used for photographs as well as vector content.  Laser cut elements have a carbonized black edge.

Flat digital printing: White plus CMYK printing direct to metal or wood.  For bright colors or traditional looking sign faces, letters and logos print a white undercoat followed by CMYK.  Many CMYK colors direct wood create a transparent, colorful and attractive appearance.

ADA tactile character 3D printing: Raised letters with a screened CMYK top, and braille may be clear of in color.  Note ADA contrast requirements when deciding background and letter color.

ADA metal characters on wooden background: Machined aluminum, bronze or brass letters adhered to wood, generally in conjunction with clear braille.

Exterior ADA signage, machined solid metal plate:  For exterior tactile signage with braille, machining from solid metal insures long life with no layers to delaminate or adhesive to fail.

Inlays: metal, commercial laminates, wood strips or veneers, as well as material with brand, historical or emotional value can be easily inlaid into sign bases.

Wood Dyeing: We offer any color using this set of dyes. Not all wood species deliver vibrant results, so please start with your desired color and contact us.  Signs are sealed after dyeing with bio-based or blended bio-based oil options.

Painting: Pantone, BM or SW paint matching for either wood or metal.

Sealing: Prevents discoloration, protects wood and highlights natural grain at the same time.  We offer several standard sealing options detailed on the design page.  For most cases select blended bio-based oil.  Note our standard sealers are easy to touch up for MRO, do not crack or peal and do not create water rings or marks.


Green Dot Signs are backed by industry leading product warranties.  Interior Wood Base ADA, Code & Wayfinding Signs falling within our Declare label parameters include a 5 year warranty. Practically indestructible exterior metal signs are backed by a lifetime warranty.

Click icons to download sign warranty details.

ADA Sign Warranty
ADA signage lifetime warranty

ASSESS compliance > DESIGN thoughtfully > MANUFACTURE sustainably > INSTALL skillfully

From ADA sign mapping and design, to fabrication, project management or installation, Green Dot Sign® handles any or all of the signage needs for your next building project.  Message us today for a no obligation consultation, fast quote or free samples.

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Through ADA signage specifications and product selection, the AECO community wields tremendous influence. There are over 500,000,000 pounds of fossil fuel derived, non-biodegradable plastic is in use as ADA signs right now.  That’s JUST ADA signs, and an estimate that does not include government buildings. 

Some one designed them.  Some one chose their material.  And some one can make a difference going forward, too.  

When drafting ADA signage specifications for your brand standards, firm or your next project, please consider the following:

PVC and vinyl free – In the sign world, PVC is a plastic sheet material and vinyl is a thin film with adhesive to be printed or cut, then applied to a substrate, wall or window.  These are the same chemical, and amongst of the worst of the mass-produced plastics.  As a matter of fact, they are on the Red List and we encourage consumers to consider not buying PVC products, and designers to consider better alternatives.  

Phthalate free – Phthalates are a group of harmful chemicals added to plastics to increase flexibility.  As a society we’ve removed them from our canned foods because they mess with hormones, so why ask anyone to breathe them in?  By requiring phthalate free signs, such as a Green Dot Sign®, factory workers, installers and folks sitting in offices all get a better work environment.  

Bio based sign materials – Specify a minimum of 75% bio-based materials in your sign packages.  

Made in the U.S. – Domestic production ensures a minimum level of labor and environmental standards from your direct signage vendor as well as any significant Tier 1 and Tier 2 suppliers.

Green Dot Sign® adheres to all of the above criteria.  Of course we want a chance to earn your business, and of course you want to insure a competitive set of specifications that get a fair price.  But that doesn’t mean you should be afraid to include these requirements because vendors who can meet them are hard to find.  Just the opposite – we aren’t special, any sign company can do what we do, and (if you ACTUALLY just read this) you’re the person to help make sure there are more.