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Take the guesswork out of whether your signs will pass inspection with Green Dot Sign® ADA compliant braille signs.  Our fast standard ADA signs are perfect for buildings needing to upgrade a few signs and businesses needing signs quickly.

    • All our signs are made in Minnesota and ready for fast delivery across the U.S.
    • Prices include free U.S. ground shipping
    • Interior standard ADA signs come with an industry leading a five year warranty
    • We work hard to make every order impeccable, but nobody’s perfect; If your sign is not quite right, we’ll provide a remake or refund right away


Green Dot Sign® offers ADA signs with all the most common message for your office. Go to a sign category to order quick signs.

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For a fast sign with the exact text you want, order a custom quick sign. Quick custom interior ADA signage is great for door signs, office signs and room signs.

We also partner with clients that have more time and a unique vision to design and produce fully custom office signage.  From economy signs made with FSC baltic birch plywood to premium signs made from multiple hard woods and stone accent elements, the options are endless.

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Custom Door Sign & Custom Office Sign WarrantyGreen Dot Sign® aspen base fast standard ADA signs come with a five year warranty. Because wood is reliable and durable your signs will last a long time.  Via patent-pending manufacturing process, 3D printed content bonds directly to the wood sign base.  Our braille and other tactile content is bonded stronger than traditional routed plastic signs because we don’t rely on adhesive to hold plastic and wood together.


We are proud to have been recognized at Greenbuild and by Signs of the Times magazine.




“I love everything about this product. These signs are super high quality, sustainable, and perfect for any space. I cannot recommend this product enough!”     – Carolyn W.

“The signs that were made for our company are absolutely amazing. The content is incredibly clear, the craftsmanship is impressive and the entire product is very sustainable.”     – Maiah A.

“Amazing company wall logo for my home office. It’s perfectly positioned on my wall behind my desk so that it is highly visible for all of my virtual meetings.”      – Dustin O.














“The shipping was super fast and the signs came carefully packaged with all I needed to hang them. Would definitely order again.”       – Jaime L.

“Perfect addition to any workspace, highly recommend these signs!”         – Trisha B.

“Craftsmanship is top-notch. The fact that signs are manufactured from a sustainable resource and not ‘just another plastic sign’ makes me feel better about them as well.”       – Wendy S.


Office signs use words and symbols to communicate messages. “ADA sign” refers to signage marking U.S. public building rooms, spaces or features that are regulated by the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).   The U.S. Department of Justice published the ADA in order to prohibit discrimination against those with disabilities.  Federally regulated signage provides the 7.5 million Americans that are legally blind or visually impaired equal access to public spaces across the U.S.

ADA sign requirements enforced today were released as part of the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design (SAD). Detailed federal signage requirements direct the location and content of identification, directional and informational signs. Some, but not all, building signs are regulated by the ADA.

Take the guesswork out of whether your Elevator signs will pass inspection with Green Dot Sign® ADA compliant braille signs. Review our ADA Signage Requirements FAQs to learn about federal accessibility signage guidelines.


This Please No Smoking quick sign is made on our standard FSC aspen sign base and contains black text and a black and red pictogram. The 3D printed material for the text and pictogram is non-toxic and Declare Red List Approved.


If you can’t find the quick sign you’re looking for try the search box feature at the top of this page.
Give us a call or send an email if you have an ADA signage question or need a specific sign. We make custom signs for clients every day. Simple design changes, such as adding an arrow or wording edits, often have no extra charge.



Green Dot Sign® is based in Saint Paul, Minnesota and partners with brands, AECO project teams and sign companies across the U.S.  Signage experts since 2009 and eco-friendly sign specialists since 2019, we offer quick ship door signs and fully custom signage to provide a sustainable signage solution for every building.

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