Beautiful Signs for a Better Planet

FSC Certified Wood

Since 2019, Green Dot Sign® has maintained Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Chain of Custody certification. We stock many FSC wood types and can source just about any for your project.

We produce ADA, code, safety, ID tag, wayfinding, dimensional letters, branding and more sign types with FSC woods.  We also produce decorative elements, lighting fixtures and more for clients who value uniform finishes and textures in their facilities.

The Forest Stewardship Council is an independent, non-governmental, not for profit organization established in 1993 to promote the responsible management of the world’s forests. Go to the FSC website for our Chain of Custody certificate.

Why choose FSC wood?

FSC is the highest standard of forest management.  When we first learned about it we did research to see what exactly it did…and were impressed.  It basically keeps a plot of forest as a growing forest of native timbers, with each purchase being trackable to the land it came from.  The key words here are “growing forest”, so for whatever the plot of forest is, you can never over harvest and have to let the biomass increase to a steady state based on your regional climate.  This creates jobs in rural areas, habitat for plants, animals and fungus, and helps to clean water.

That all adds up to the being certifiably sustainable.

More importantly, if you don’t buy woods, those forests will become row crops due to economic realities.

In the case of signage, when you choose wood, you’re replacing a fossil fuel derived, non-biodegradable material with one that’s renewable.  Make it FSC and it’s inarguably sustainable.    Shouldn’t we all do that?