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Metal & Wood Custom Plaques


In the signage industry, the word “plaque” can be used to describe various types of awards and signs.

Custom plaques made of wood or metal are highly customizable and have a variety of applications.  For buildings and outdoor spaces, plaques are usually used to identify or mark a place of significance.  While award plaques are often used to recognize an individual or organization and can be designed to be attached to a wall or freestanding.

Learn more about the benefits of wood and metal plaques, and consider how to design custom award plaques and signs that meet your unique needs.


Custom wooden plaques are versatile and beautiful. Best of all, because they are made of real wood, our plaques are environmentally sustainable and very durable.  Also, for those looking to buy bulk plaques for awards and signs, wood plaques are our most cost-effective option.

When combining wood and 3D printing, the plaque design ideas are endless. Learn about the reasons to choose natural materials and get design inspiration from some recent, unique client projects.

There are several important custom plaque design considerations:

  • Wood species
  • If and what flat printed, engraved or decorative elements should be included
  • If and what raised plaque content should be included
  • Size and shape
  • Plaque edge
  • Wall mounting and standing tabletop plaque hardware

To learn more about designing wood plaques for awards and signs review our Design Guide.

Custom Interior Wood ADA Signs




Green Dot Sign partners with other companies to deliver wholesale wooden sign blanks and plaque bases in bulk to the trade.  We can manufacture plaque components to your exact specifications, and you can rest easy knowing that our sustainable wood is 100% FSC Chain of Custody certified. Contact us today to start working together.


Custom metal plaques are versatile and so strong that we offer a limited lifetime warranty.

Green Dot Sign metal plaques are machined from solid aluminum, bronze or brass.  This means there’s no adhesive to fail or layers to separate.  While the high grade paints will eventually fade, wise color selection means the useful life of your plaque is a very, very long time.

While metal plaques are often meant for exterior use, they are also suitable for interior purposes including awards, identifying a place of significance, or ADA and wayfinding signage. Additionally, at the end of their useful life metal plaques are recyclable.

Metal plaques are highly customizable. Plaque design considerations include:

  • Sign metal base material and finish
  • Sign content and content color and style
  • Sign mounting

To learn more about designing metal plaques for awards and signs review our Design Guide.

Metal Exterior ADA Signs


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Green Dot Sign® is based in Saint Paul, Minnesota and partners with brands, AECO project teams and sign companies across the U.S.  Signage experts since 2009 and eco-friendly sign specialists since 2019, we offer standard ADA wayfinding signs for fast delivery and custom interior and exterior signage to provide a sustainable signage solution for every building.

From ADA signage needs evaluation to sign design, fabrication, project management or installation Green Dot Sign® handles any part or all of the signage needs for your next building project.  Message us today for a no obligation sign consultation or fast quote and free samples.

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