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Sign Confidential with Signs of the Times

SIGNS OF THE TIMES: In the November 2021 Signs of the Times edition Simon shared his work-life balance secrets.  Keep reading for the full post.

This Sign Pro Sets Boundaries Between Work and Home, Leaving Time for the Important Things

….like time with family, a refreshing brew and even mushroom hunting

Simon Nussbaum

Sign Confidential

Your business, clients, employees and new types of projects are always stretching you in the sign business. Add family plus your own needs and balance can go out the window, fast. Setting priorities and boundaries in work and home life has been key for me and my family. To put work out of my head, there’s nothing better than being in nature with my wife and sons — fishing, hiking, mushroom hunting, vegetable gardening and a nice craft beer to put thoughts of work far away. Volunteering gets you out of the same old ruts and helps you to think bigger. Right now I help out with the USGBC MN Leadership Advisory Board and the Oberlin EnviroAlums steering committee. Beyond that, make progress every day, and celebrate even little successes!