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Custom Office Signs, Door Signs & Room Signs – Large (4 x 7 inches)


Turnaround  0 – 3 business days to ship

Shipping  Free U.S. ground shipping

Dimensions  4″ tall x 7″ wide x .7″ deep

Weight  5.5 ounces


Enter your room number and/or name in the text box below the custom door sign. Then to see your sign in another color select from dropdown menu.  Finally, choose an installation method and sign quantity, and add custom office signs to your shopping cart. 


Total Price: $ 68


Post custom office signs to help employees and visitors navigate your building. Simple interior room and door signs with customized names and numbers are an effective way to identify rooms and spaces throughout your office.


Custom office signs used to identify rooms and spaces in U.S. public buildings are regulated by the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). The ADA prohibits discrimination against those with disabilities.  Federally regulated signage provides the 7.5 million Americans that are legally blind or visually impaired equal access to public spaces across the U.S.

ADA sign requirements enforced today were released as part of the 2010 ADA Standards for Accessible Design (SAD). Detailed federal signage requirements direct the content and location of identification, directional and informational signs.



Eco-friendly sign materials

  • Chain of custody certified FSC 100% aspen
  • Non-toxic 3D printing
  • Sealed with traditional woodworking oils

ADA compliant signage  

From grade 2 braille and compliant fonts to proper spacing our custom office number and name signs meet federal signage requirements. For easy to understand regulations information, review our ADA Sign Requirement FAQs.



Volume discount 

A price discount is automatically applied in your shopping cart based on total quantity of quick signs ordered. Signs do not need to be the same for the volume discount to apply.

  • Order 2 signs and receive a 5% discount
  • Order 3 to 9 signs and receive a 7.5% discount
  • Order 10 to 19 signs and receive a 10% discount
  • Order 20 to 24 signs and receive a 15% discount
  • Order 25 or more signs and receive a 20% discount

Free shipping 

Pricing includes standard UPS ground shipping for the lower 48 U.S. states and USPS shipping for Alaska and Hawaii.

Returns accepted

We work hard to make every order impeccable, but nobody’s perfect. If your quick sign is not quite right, we’ll provide a remake or refund right away.

Industry best warranty 

Our interior ADA and office signs come with a 5 year warranty. Wood is durable and strong and via our patent-pending 3D printing manufacturing processes sign content directly bonds to the wood sign base. Click the above icon for warranty details.



Foam tape or wood pegs

Many clients order custom office signs with foam tape, in which case your signs arrive with double sided foam tape pre-applied.  To install your signs, simply remove tape backers, apply a circle of silicone and press your sign against the wall or door for 5 seconds.

For sturdier sign installation or highly textured surfaces, order signs with wood pegs.  While installing signs with wood pegs requires drilling wall holes, it is more secure.

Installation kit

If you plan to install your signs using the four peg installation approach and don’t want to run to the hardware store, add our installation kit to your order.

Sign backers

If custom office signs for your office are being applied to glass, just let us know and we can provide sign backers.  A backer on the other side of the glass will cover up foam tape and create a polished look.

ADA sign mounting

Custom office signs that identify a room or space in a U.S. public building are regulated ADA signs. To ensure height and location mounting guidelines are met share our ADA Sign Installation Tips with your team.

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We love making custom projects.  If there are natural materials involved we’ll do it, and do it well!

Custom Signs


Give us a call or send an email if you have an ADA signage question or need a specific sign. We make custom signs for clients every day. Simple design changes, such as adding an arrow or wording edits, often have no extra charge.


Green Dot Sign® is based in Saint Paul, Minnesota and partners with brands, AECO project teams and sign companies across the U.S.  Signage experts since 2009 and eco-friendly sign specialists since 2019, we offer fast, standard ADA signs and fully custom signage to provide a sustainable signage solution for every building.

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